Sirmuma - Syracuse Museum of the Sea
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Sirmuma – Syracuse Museum of the Sea

The headquarters of the Sea Museum in Syracuse is located in via Zummo n. 7, in the heart of Ortigia, behind piazza S. Giuseppe, near via Roma. The building, which now houses the museum, was the ancient church of S. Maria in Ara Coeli, extensively tampered with during World War II. Only the internal portal remains of the original structure, decorated with a Baroque frieze. Promoter and actor in the creation of this museum is the Syrakosia Consortium, born from the union of 10 cultural associations, whose activity has distinguished itself, since its foundation in 2001, in the recovery, conservation and enhancement of the finds that describe the relationships of city ​​with the sea. Sirmuma boasts a fund made up of:

  •     Calafatari Collection, complete collection of tools (1870-1950) used for the construction of wooden boats, subject to regional restrictions;
  •     Cap. Rodante Collection, which documents the life of sailors aboard sailing ships;
  •     Documentation of the traditional method of building vessels;
  •     Scale reconstructions of work environments;
  •     Collection of work tools concerning the different fishing techniques used in the Syracuse area;
  •     Period photographic documentation, accompanied by book production.

In addition, Sirmuma offers guided tours, educational and cultural activities, scientific advice.

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