Sicily tuna fishing in Trapani
Technical Information

Sicily tuna fishing in Trapani

Sicily: tuna fishing in Trapani
Sequence description: barges on the sea; a fisherman, thanks to a game of lenses, inspects the sea below the surface; the fisherman gives a signal to the other fishermen on board the boats; a tuna swims to the surface; its fins can be seen; the boats are arranged in a circle around a limited area of ​​the sea; with harpoons the tuna are pulled aboard the boats; the tuna are stacked on the ships; the tuna are thrown back into the now lifeless water to wash the body of the blood of the wounds; the tuna are dragged in ropes to a warehouse; a fisherman cleans the insides of the animals; on the tables other fishermen remove their fins and cut the tuna meat into regular pieces;

Sicily tuna fishing in Trapani


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