Holy Week - Barrafranca

Holy Week - Barrafranca




Technical sheet prepared by: Region of Sicily - Department of cultural heritage and Sicilian identity - CRicd: Regional center for inventory, cataloging and documentation and Sicilian regional film library

N. Prog. 110
Well: Holy Week
Book: REI - Book of celebrations
Approval date; 28-04-2008
Category: Easter party
Province: Enna
Municipality: Barrafranca
Chronological News
Recurrence: Annual
Date: Holy Week
Occasion: Death of Christ the Savior
Function: Devotional
Actors: Appearances of the Way of the cross
Participants: Devotees, local community, tourists
The Holy Week of Barrafranca presents a rich program of religious events of a very suggestive and ancient character.
The first of these takes place on the evening of Holy Wednesday with the living and itinerant representation of the trial of Jesus, the death sentence and the crucifixion, called In Vasacra (Way of the cross).
Then, on the evening of Holy Thursday, the faithful go to visit the churches for the adoration of the SS. Sacrament placed in the traditional "Repositori", called i Sabburca.
Good Friday is certainly the most eventful day of Holy Week: in the morning the procession of Our Lady of Sorrows takes place, dressed in black and placed on a canopy of velvet and flowers, carried on the shoulders only by girls; in the evening, at the end of the liturgical celebration of the "Adoration of the Cross", the exciting procession of the fercolo of the SS. Crucifix, called by the locals U Trunu, preceded by an urn containing the dead Christ and the Madonna Addolorata.
The Barrese Holy Week ends on Easter Sunday, when the bells ring in celebration to announce the meeting of the risen Christ with the Madonna and the Apostles (the Santoni). This meeting is called "La Giunta" (To gjunta).
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The huge gurus are composed of a wooden structure covered by a bluish robe that hides the bearers.
Card Author: Paola Barbata


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