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List of National Inventory of Cultural Heritage of the Maltese Islands
National Inventory of Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands (NICPMI)

01083              Knisja Parrokkjali ta 'Santa Margerita / Parish Church of St. Margaret

01084              Niċċa tal-Assunta / Niche of the Assumption

01085              Niċċa ta 'San Franġisk / Niche of St. Francis

01086              Niċċa tal-Madonna bil-Bambin / Niche of Madonna and Child

01087              Niċċa tal-Madonna tad-Duluri / Niche of the Madonna of Sorrows

01088              Niċċa tal-Madonna ta 'Lourdes / Niche of the Madonna of Lourdes

01089              Niċċa tal-Qalb ta 'Ġesu / Niche of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

01090              Niċċa tal-Madonna bil-Bambin / Niche of Madonna and Child

01091              Statwa ta 'San Pawl / Statue of St. Paul


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