Fortresses of Castronuovo, Pizzo Lupo, Gurghi di S. Andrea (ITA020011)
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Fortresses of Castronuovo, Pizzo Lupo, Gurghi di S. Andrea

Site type: SAC - Special Conservation Area

Code: ITA020011 - Hectares: 1795


The SIC area covers a total area of ​​approximately 1736 hectares, involving the territories of the municipalities of Castronovo di Sicilia and Cammarata. It is a vast mainly wooded area located in the Platani valley, which includes the hills above the town of Castronovo, such as Pizzo della Guardia (973 m) and Il Casséro (1031), as well as those of Pizzo Lupo (1092) and Pizzo S. Cono (958 m), located on the opposite side; a section of the Platani River is also part of the site. It should be noted that - unlike what the SIC toponym indicates - the current delimitation shown in the official file excludes the Gurgo di S. Andrea (Lercara Friddi), located precisely on the outer edges of the area. Considering that it is a biotope of significant naturalistic interest, repeatedly cited in geobotanical literature (LOJACONO-POJERO M, 1888-1909; RAIMONDO FM, GIANGUZZI L. & ILARDI V., 1992; etc.) due to the presence of some plant species of significant phytogeographic interest (Nepeta tuberosa, Utricularia australis, etc.), a correct delimitation of the SCI would be necessary, which includes the inclusion of the same area within the SCI. From a geological point of view, carbonate soils predominate in the territory and silico-carbonates of the Sicane Units, as well as clayey substrates; under the bioclimatic aspect, the area falls within the mesomediterranean belt (with shadows varying from the lower subhumid to the upper subhumid). The high environmental heterogeneity diversifies a very articulated and varied vegetal landscape, in which the following serial units can be found: - Olivastro (Oleo-Euphorbio dendroidis sigmetum); - of the Holm oak (Aceri campestris-Querco ilicis sigmetum); - of the Chestnut oak (Oleo-Querco virgilianae sigmetum); - of the Pedicellated willow (Ulmo-Salico pedicellatae sigmetum); To the aforementioned series are also added the microgeoseries linked to particular edaphic conditions , as in the case of rock faces, detrital areas, water holes, etc.

It is an area of ​​significant naturalistic-environmental and landscape value. Section 3.3, indicated with the letter D, lists plant entities whose presence in the territory is considered to be of significant phytogeographic interest. The site has a fauna including rare and / or threatened vertebrate species.

Source: Ministry of the Environment Natura 2000 form

Ministerial data: Ministerial Map  Natura 2000 form

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Photo: web

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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