Capo Gallo Nature Reserve (EUAP1159)
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Capo Gallo Nature Reserve (EUAP1159)

Site type
RNO extension = Oriented Nature Reserve

WDPA / EUAP Codes:  182718 EUAP1159

  • Former Provinces concerned: Palermo
  • Municipalities concerned: Palermo
  • Institution: DA n. 438 of 21.06.01


The Oriented Natural Reserve of Capo Gallo represents a highly natural site, unique for its flora, fauna, geological conformation as well as for the archaeological heritage it preserves. In 2001 it was established as a Reserve for the protection of geomorphological formations, for the safeguarding of endemic and rare flora and fauna species and to protect the "sidewalk in Vermeti" along the coast. The management is entrusted to the Regional Department of Rural and Territorial Development (former Forestry and State Companies).

Capo Gallo is one Oriented Nature Reserve or a type of protected area in which human-led interventions are carried out, in order to preserve the naturalistic and landscape heritage; cultivation and agro-forestry-pastoral activities are allowed, as long as they are not harmful to the natural environment.

The area, extending from Punta Barcarello to Capo Gallo, is made up of an area A or a reserve surrounded by a protected area B of the reserve (pre-reserve) with controlled development.

In the reserve and pre-reserve areas the regulatory provisions, with which the methods of use and prohibitions to be observed are established. Since 2002, in the stretch of sea adjacent to the Capo Gallo Reserve, the Marine Protected Area "Capo Gallo - Isola delle Femmine" has also been established to protect and enhance its biological resources.


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