Preola Lake Reserve and Gorghi Tondi (EUAP1118)
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Preola Lake Reserve and Gorghi Tondi (EUAP1118)

Site type
INR = Integrated Natural Reserve

WDPA / EUAP Codes: 178763 EUAP1118

  • Former Provinces concerned: Drills
  • Municipalities concerned: Mazara del Vallo, Campobello di Mazara
  • Managing Body: WWF


The Integral Natural Reserve of the "Preola Lake and Gorghi Tondi" was established by Decree of the Regional Councilor for the Territory and Environment n. 620/44 of 04/11/1998. The reserve extends from Mazara del Vallo up to Torretta Granitola, in which there are small natural lakes ranging from 150 to 1.300 meters in length, including Lake Murana, Lake Preola (the largest) and the small Gorghi Alto, Middle and Lower, surrounded by dense marshy vegetation, dominated by limestone ridges partly covered by Mediterranean scrub, among which various species of animals live.


Associated Natura 2000 sites 

Ponds of Preola and Gorghi Tondi and Skiing of Mazara


ITA010031 Ponds of Preola and Gorghi Tondi, Skiing of Mazara and Pantano Leone

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