Stagnone Islands Reserve of Marsala
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Stagnone Islands Reserve of Marsala


Site type
Rnr = Regional Nature Reserve

  • Former Provinces concerned: Drills
  • Municipalities concerned: Marsala
  • Extension: 2012,15 Ha 
  • Establishment decree: D.A. 215/84 4/07/1984
  • Managing Body: Former Regional Province of Trapani
  • WDPA / EUAP code: 13178 EUAP0891
  • Establishment Decree: DA 215/84 4/07/1984

La Regional Nature Reserve of the Stagnone Islands of Marsala is a nature reserve in Sicily, created in 1984 with DA 215/84 4/07/1984 near Marsala in the province of Trapani. It has an area of ​​2012 hectares and extends on the western coast of Sicily in the territory of the municipality of Marsala, in the stretch of sea between Capo San Teodoro and Capo Boeo or Lilibeo. The reserve takes its name from the "Stagnone" a lagoon, the largest in Sicily, characterized by shallow waters (1-2 m and often no more than 50 cm) and included between the four islands of San Pantaleo (Mozia), Isola Grande, Schola and Santa Maria.

The main activity of the Stagnone was that of the salt pans which was carried out by evaporating the water channeled into special ponds, and then collecting the salt. The pumping of the water and the grinding of the salt were carried out by means of mills, some still preserved.

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