Qanat Villa Scalea 1
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Qanat Villa Scalea 1   

In the Villa Lanza di Scalea. Via Scordia, n. From 18 to 28. Asset bound pursuant to Legislative Decree 42/2004. (DDS n. 419 of 13.03.12)

The Qanat are underground irrigation systems typical of the Middle East. In Palermo, the technique was brought by the Arabs. 

The reading of Pietro Todaro's document is interesting: Traditional Sicilian water systems: qanat, ingruttato and lacing wells in the Palermo plain

According to when explained in the document by Pietro Todaro, that of Villa Scalea 1 would not be a Qanat but an “Ingruttato. The document also explains the difference between Qanat and Ingruttato: "Unlike the ingruttati, whose tunnels remain underground by connecting the "vents" wells to the base, the qanat emerge from the subsoil thanks to their slope less than that of the ground, thus creating, at the outlet, artificial sources in arid areas, poor or lacking in surface waters such as springs, streams and lakes".

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Photo: web

Information contributions: Pietro Todaro, Ignazio Caloggero, Sicily Region, Web, 

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