KASA project

KASA project

KASA stands for Koiné archaeological, wise antiquity. It is one of the projects financed by the III Interregional Program IIIA Italy-Malta, 2004-2006, promulgated by the Region of Sicily with contributions from the European Community. It provides for the participation of three partners, the Faculty of Literature, the University of Malta and the Medieval Studies Workshop of Palermo, for the creation of integrated tourist itineraries that link the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa and the Maltese archipelago in unitary paths.

Within the project, some publications have been created that we report here

Source: official site of the project http://www.progettokasa.net/ Unfortunately, the site is no longer accessible.


  1. Archaeological Landscapes of South-Eastern Sicily

2 Malta in the Iblei, the Iblei in Malta

3. Sicily and the Maltese archipelago

4. Ancient Athens of Sebastiano Ittar

5. Portraits of cities in Sicily and Malta

6. Scicli, Archeology and territory

7. Interconnections in the Central Mediterranean: The Maltese Islands and Sicily in History   /  Tables 7 out of text 

8. The Landscape of History

9. The Hypogea of ​​Wignacourt in Rabat         /     Tables 9 outside the text

10 Malta and Sicily: Miscellaneous research projects


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