Piano dei Crickets (ITA070018)
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Floor of the Crickets

Site type: SAC - Special Conservation Area / SPA - Special Protection Area

Code: ITA070018 - Hectares: 1239


 The area in question is located on the western side of Etna at altitudes between 700 and 1400 m. It is an area affected by ancient flows currently covered by extensive forests of deciduous oaks and holm oaks. On the most rocky substrates, represented by more recent flows, we find aspects of small shrubs with more or less discontinuous coverage dominated by Helichrysum italicum and Centranthus ruber, or Euphorbia rigida. In the flatter stretches or with more superficial soils, there are ephemeral steppe lawns dominated by therophytes and geophytes. The stations at lower altitudes are affected by cultivations or ex-cultivations. The bioclimate is between the mesomediterraneo and the supramediterraneo with ombrotype ranging from the lower subhumid to the upper subhumid.

The site presents an alternation of lava fields and accumulations of volcanic sands on which the Genista aetnensis settles. The area in question presents a notable naturalistic interest above all for the extensive coverage of deciduous and evergreen forest formations. The fauna, although not very rich and diversified, includes species of considerable scientific and conservation interest, especially as regards some species of birds of prey. The entomofauna is also of some interest with species that in Sicily are often located only on Etna.

Source: Ministry of the Environment Natura 2000 form

It falls within the Etna Park

Ministerial data: Ministerial Map  Natura 2000 form

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Photo: web

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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