Matalotta pasta
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Matalotta pasta

Seafood first courses are the specialty of Syracusan cuisine and are eaten frequently, such as: spaghetti with sepia, seafood pasta with mussels or pasta with Moorish sauce (with bottarga and cinnamon). Among the oldest and most typical marinating recipes of Syracuse there are:

Matalotta pasta

Also known locally as pasta co broru ro pisci (with the fish broth). This dish originated during the period of French domination in Sicily: the word "matalotta" derives from sailor and means sailor. Among the Syracusans the habit developed of not throwing away the broth that was left over from the fish soup, so they began to reuse it to season pasta (broth nowadays is preferred to be prepared fresh). It is a poor dish, which does not require excessive use of raw materials. Generally only lo is used red scorpionfish (said cipuddazza) the spaghetti (whole or broken), olive oil and grated cheese for seasoning. Today's version of this dish also includes the use of tomato for the broth: past or cut into small pieces. (Text source: wikipedia)

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