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Nebrodi Park



  • Regional Park established on 4/8/1993 (DAR 560/11 of 04/08/1993)
  • List of protected areas (EUAP0226) inserted in 2010 (OJ 125/2010)

Area: 85.587 hectares

Municipalities concerned
The municipalities falling within the park area are 23:

  • 18 in the former province of Messina (Acquedolci, Alcara Li Fusi, Capizzi, Caronia, Cesarò, Floresta, Galati Mamertino, Longi, Militello Rosmarino, Mistretta, Sant'Agata di Militello, Santa Domenica Vittoria, San Fratello, San Marco d'Alunzio, Santo Stefano di Camastra, San Teodoro, Tortorici, Ucria),
  • 3 in the former province of Catania (Bronte, Maniace, Randazzo),
  • 2 in the former province of Enna (Cerami, Troina).

Official site of the managing body: Nebrodi Park Authority

The Nebrodi Regional Park, established by Decree of the Regional Councilor for the Territory and Environment n. 560/11 of 4 August 1993, with its 85.587,37 hectares it is the largest protected natural area in Sicily. The Park covers as many as 23 Municipalities, 18 in the Province of Messina, three in the Province of Catania and 2 in the Province of Enna. The Park also includes 15 sites of Community Interest (SIC). There are many points of interest for the visitor, we mention a few:

  • Impallaccionata Castle,
  • Leccete of Zerbetto,
  • Bad Pass,
  • Wolf Pit,
  • Lake Biviere,
  • Maulazzo lake,
  • Mangalaviti Wood,
  • Serra del Re (1754 m.),
  • Monte Soro (1847 m.),
  • Wood of Taxita,
  • Rocks of Crasto,
  • Monte San Fratello
  • Catafurco waterfalls
  • Cartolari lake
  • Pizzo Fau (1686 meters)
  • Serra Pignataro (1661 meters)

    Remarkable is the altimetric excursion, which from a few tens of meters above sea level reaches the maximum altitude of 1847 meters of Monte Soro.


The main elements that most strongly characterize the natural landscape of the Nebrodi are the asymmetry of the various slopes, the diversity of modeling of the reliefs, the very rich vegetation and the humid environments.



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