Archaeological and landscape park of the Aci Valley

Archaeological and landscape park of the Aci Valley

the Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Aci Valley affects the territories of the municipalities of Acireale, Aci Catena, Aci Castello, Valverde and Aci Sant'Antonio. the park was created with the intention of safeguarding and enhancing the archaeological, panoramic, landscape and cultural values ​​that characterize an area that from the inhabited center of Capo Mulini runs north along the stretch of coast up to Torre S. Anna extending westwards, towards the 'hinterland, including parts of the territory of Acireale, Aci Catena, Aci Castello, Valverde and Aci Sant'Antonio, a territory in which the natural geo-volcanological characteristics combine and integrate strongly with the archaeological, historical and landscape ones of great relevance, also given by the integrity of the emergencies in the area.

In the area there are many monuments including:

  • The church of Byzantine origins dedicated to Santa Venera and the nearby remains of the ancient structure of the Roman baths
  • The site of the mansio of Acium, mentioned in the Antonini itinerary, located on the road that connected Messina to Catania, with an interesting building built in the third century. B.C
  • The Casalotto Tower, located in the municipality of Acicatena
  • In the locality of Capo Mulini, in the municipality of Acireale, there are the remains of a Roman temple subjected to direct constraint pursuant to law no. 1089/39 issued with Ministerial Decree of February 20, 1952,
  • In the locality of Monte Gazzena, there is an area of ​​evident archaeological interest testified by ceramic finds from the Greek age;
  •  In the municipality of Valverde, in c.da Casalrosato, there is a settlement of the Greek age bound by direct link;

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