Pantalica: Church of S. Nicolicchio
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Pantalica: Church of S. Nicolicchio

Archaeological site falling within the archaeological area of Pantalica


Church of S. Nicolicchio

oratory_san_nicolichio3Following the path towards the southeast, after about 100 m, you will find the Byzantine rock church of S. Nicolicchio. The rupestrian room is configured as an oratory with a rather complex plan. It is made up of the unification of several rooms (probably excavated in different eras), which are secondary to the main room that develops towards the east where it ends with a central apse and two small niches on either side of it. Unfortunately much of the decorative apparatus has been lost, from the surviving traces we can recognize the figures of Saint Helena and Saint Stephen and of an unidentifiable Saint. Regarding the dating of these frescoes, however, there are not a few problems of a historical and stylistic nature; Lamb and Messina, however, precisely by analyzing a certain stiffness and dryness in the way of rendering the drapery, suggest recognizing in these frescoes the most ancient testimonies of rock painting in Syracuse (VII century).


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