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Palermo 1939

Light Journal B1609 dated 25/10/1939
Sequence description: the ship with the members of the government and the Grand Council of Fascism in the port of Palermo; fascist demonstration in the port (the images are dark); fascist demonstration in the streets and squares of Palermo, crowds along the streets, people watching from the windows and balconies; gonfalons; young fascists march in ranks, the square filled with demonstrators; fascists on horseback parade, fascist authorities make the Roman salute; soldiers with banners parade; fascists parade; athletes parade; fascists parade; a group of fascist authorities arrives; Starace and the other authorities arrive on the balcony; the crowd of demonstrators cheers the fascist authorities; Starace and the other fascist authorities arrive in the Belice area with the Malbello bus, the authorities participate in the foundation ceremony of the rural center dedicated to the fallen fascist Giacomo Schirò; signs with reclamation projects; the reclamation work begins, the workers gathered for the ceremony applaud; the ceremony ends with a folkloric show, men and women in folkloric clothes sing and dance, the crowd and the authorities watch the show; Starace and the other authorities review the troops;

Palermo 1939



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