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146 Via Tommaso Cannizzaro

Justice palace

LOCATION: Pugliatti square

DATING: 1927

DESCRIPTION: Built on a project by Marcello Piacentini. It consists of three buildings connected by galleries that connect the three large rooms on the ground. The windows of the façade are surmounted by rosettes and bas-relief medallions. The main and lateral facades, the interior are decorated with works by various artists, all in tune with the style of the building, which reflects the orientation of the official act of the first twenty years of the century. The large tondi of the attic, representing "the right" and "the law" are by the sculptor Giovanni Prini, the four Roman eagles are by Cloza and Bonfiglio; again by Cloza and Ricciardi are the medallions depicting some jurists from Messina (Dicearco di Messina, Guido Delle Colonne, Giacomo Macrì, Antonio Fulci, Francesco Faranda and Andrea Di Bartolomeo); the heads of Minerva on the side doors are by Monescalchi. Finally, the great quadriga led by the goddess Minerva, made by Ercole Drei in bronze and aluminum, dominates the grandiose attic. In the vestibule, at the bottom of which rises the staircase of honor, of marble with bronze inserts, there is the marble portal that gives access to the Court of Assizes. In the audience halls there are allegorical bas-reliefs and in the other reception rooms, in the library, council chamber, cabinets of presidents and judges, the ceilings are decorated with greasy tempera.

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