Palazzo dello Scibene (or Uscibene) - Qanat - Palermo
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Palazzo dello Scibene (or Uscibene) - Qanat - Palermo

Backgroundexiting palaceor de Caro. Of Norman origin (XII century). The solatium, located west of Palermo, belonged to the Palermo curia and was perhaps used by Archbishop Walter Offamilio. In the center there is a fountain similar to the one present in the Castello della Zisa and is located in a cruciform room, there are also small oriental-type vaults also present in other contemporary buildings. At one end of the building there is a small church with barrel vaults.


The place is one of the few Qanat in Palermo that can still be visited. 

The Qanat are canals built to bring water to the surface by intercepting the natural layers of the ground. This technique, of Persian origin was also used in the Arab and Norman period. In addition to constituting a water supply system, the Qanat were often used to cool the rooms during the summer and in particular the days of the Scirocco.

property subject to constraint pursuant to law 1089/1939 

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FROM n. 2160 of 22.07.1991


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