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8 Via Pietro Castelli

“Pietro Castelli” botanical garden - Messina

LOCATION: Crossing between the ring road and via Pietro Castelli DATING 1638 DESCRIPTION: Founded by the Roman physician and botanist Pietro Castelli in 1638 with the name of "Hortus simplicium" ("Orto dei Semplici") or "Hortus messinensis" ("Garden of Messina" ); since its foundation it belongs to the University of Messina. Among the arboreal species present are Calodendrum capensis, Casuarina torulosa, Chorisia insignis, Dracaena draco, Ficus macrophylla, Ginkgo biloba, Livistona chinensis, Phoenix canariensis, Pinus brutia, Pinus longifolia, Pterocarya caucasica, Trachycarpus excelsifera and Washingtonia filiferaius. Other plants of interest are Anona cherimolia, Eugenia jambos, Eugenia myrtifolia, Eugenia uniflora, Feijoa sellowiana, Flacourtia indica, Mangifera indica, Nymphaea capensis, Nymphaea alba, Persea gratissima, Pithecoctenium cynanchoides, Pontederia cordata, Psidium guajaleva and Psidium guajaleva. Numerous Sicilian endemisms are present including Carlina sicula, Centaurea crassifolia, Centaurea tauromenitana, Limonium minutiflorum, Senecio ambiguus, Senecio gibbosus, Scilla cupani.

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