Oratory of S. Mercurio - Palermo
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Oratory of S. Mercurio - Palermo

S. Mercurio courtyard. Built in the sixteenth century. The oratory is accessed from the courtyard adjacent to the nearby church of S. Giovanni degli Eremiti. Inside there are stuccoes by Giacomo Serpotta.

Grotta di S. Mercurio (or cave of S. Ermete). It is entered through a trap door placed under the painting of S. Mercurio (second chapel on the left), walled by a floor of colored bricks placed during the reconstruction of 1872

In-depth study: Pietro Todaro: The subsoil of Palermo - 1988. Downloadable at the following ACCADEMIA.EDU address: https://www.academia.edu/6581858/Il_Sottosuolo_di_Palermo

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