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Product included in the national list of traditional agri-food products (PAT)

Type PAT : Fresh pasta and products from the bakery, biscuits, pastry and confectionery

Production area

Technical data sheet of the traditional agri-food product (PAT)


Area of ​​production: All of Sicily.

Brief description of the product: Stuffed pastries of different shapes.

Description of the processing, conservation and maturing methods: Mix the lard with the flour and sugar with a little water, until you get a soft dough. Peel the almonds and crush them in a mortar, mix with sugar and a little water until you get a solid paste. Add some cocoa, cinnamon and grated lemon zest. Form the dough into thin and rectangular sheets and place a pile of almond filling on them at a regular distance. Cover with more pasta and make heart-shaped, flower, mushroom or cake-shaped pastries. Arrange the "Nucatole" on a greased baking tray and place them in the oven over moderate heat until they are just browned. Prepare a glaze with the egg white whipped until stiff by adding powdered sugar and a few drops of lemon and brush the pastries with it.

Put back in the oven already off but still warm until the glaze has dried.

Specific materials and equipment used for preparation and conditioning:  No specific equipment.

Description of the processing, storage and maturing rooms: Domestic rooms or workshops for pastry shops.

Elements proving that the methodologies have been practiced in a homogeneous way and according to traditional rules for a period of not less than 25 years:

Source Pat Cards: Sicily Region 

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Information contributions: Web, Region of Sicily

Note: The population of the cards of the Heritage database proceeds in incremental phases: cataloging, georeferencing, insertion of information and images. The cultural property in question has been cataloged, and the first information has been entered. In order to enrich the information content, further contributions are welcome, if you wish you can contribute through our area "Your Contributions"

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