Neviera of the quarry of the Intagliatella
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Neviera of the quarry of the Intagliatella 

Snowfield embedded in the rock, with a low vaulted roof made of squared limestone blocks. Located along the pedestrian visit path of the Latomia dell 'Intagliatella within the archaeological area of ​​Acre. The architectural structure is of the "snowfield embedded in the rock" type:
square or rectangular shape, with a lowered vaulted roof obtained using more or less squared ashlars. They have an opening at the bottom, at the base of the shutter, with a door about one meter and twenty high and two or three side openings, from where the snow was thrown down. Each neviera is enclosed by a dry stone wall called "zaccanu" which delimits the land of relevance. A necessary element was the drainage channel of the melted water which slowed down the melting of the ice (AA.VV.p. 18)

(Text source: General Catalog of Cultural Heritage). 

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