Byzantine necropolis, Hellenistic Roman settlement of Lardia
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Byzantine necropolis, Hellenistic Roman settlement of Lardia  

Byzantine necropolis, Hellenistic Roman settlement

Several Roman-Christian hypogea (1989th-1898th century) most of which unexplored. Three explored in the excavations of XNUMX; remains of cocciopesto in situ; Roman building and podium; large areas with blocks and clay fragments of the Hellenistic - Roman period (IV century BC - III-IV century AD). Sub divo necropolis with pit and Byzantine arcosoli. In the area adjacent to the cocciopesto, a mosaic and lead pipes were removed. Excavations XNUMX: the presence of a cultural complex datable between the VI - IX century in the citrus grove area is ascertained. AD Late Roman and Byzantine farm

site subjected to archaeological constraint DA // 1990/07/26 // n. 2034 

(Text source: survey form no.176 Landscape Plan of the Province of Syracuse - Archaeological Heritage)

Archaeological Heritage Sheets Landscape Plan of Syracuse

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