Italian-Hungarian Museum
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Italian-Hungarian Museum

Inaugurated on 14 December 1995, the Museum was born thanks to the help of the Italian and Hungarian Ministries of Defense, but above all from the will of the Municipal Administration and from the collaboration with the Magiaro State.
It is located in the air of what was the largest prison camp in Sicily during the First World War, precisely inside the warehouse n. 16. 
The structure, after a conservative restoration, is usable since December 1995. It has a gross surface area of ​​approximately 470 square meters. with a useful area for exhibitions of approximately 295 square meters and includes a conference room with 30 seats. The museum benefits from the collaboration of the Military History Museum of Budapest, recognized as one of the largest military museums in Europe.
As regards the historical research activities, the themes common to the two nations are privileged, but the local history and that of our territory are not neglected.
Thanks to bilateral agreements on the development and strengthening program of the structure, today various exhibition sections can be admired inside. Numerous personalities who visited the museum. The presence, on 13 December 1999, of the President of the Republic of Hungary Ärpàd Goncz is worthy of note. (Text source: Municipality of Vittoria)

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