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Via Giuseppe Grosso Cacopardi

Regional Interdisciplinary Museum (MuMe)

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DESCRIPTION: The museum (formerly in the former Barbera-Mellinghoff spinning mill, a late nineteenth-century construction, identified as early as 1908, after the earthquake, as the seat of the museum and then refitted and reopened to the public in 1922). It is now in the street

The museum illustrates the figurative civilization expressed by the city through the centuries (XII-XVIII), underlined by personalities such as those of Antonello, Girolamo Alibrandi, Polidoro and Caravaggio, who were the emerging peaks of Messina's artistic culture. The collections. After the 1908 earthquake, paintings and sculptures were added to the core of the collections from the Civic Museum, as well as precious decorative artifacts, which belonged to buildings that were damaged and then demolished. rooms 1 and 2 works from the Norman-Swabian period rooms 3 and 4 sculptures and paintings from the 4th and 5th centuries. In room 8 the Polyptych of S. Gregorio by Antonello da Messina rooms 6 - 9 paintings, sculptures, funerary monuments and works of decorative art from the 11th century. In room 10 Scilla by GA Montorsoli salt 12 - 13 artistic culture of the seventeenth century. In room XNUMX works by Caravaggio room XNUMX artistic culture of the eighteenth century Messina room XNUMX "del Tesoro" silverware, cribs, vestments, ceramics

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Photo: web

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