Ethnographic Museum of Etna
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Ethnographic Museum of Etna

The museum is a real collection center for natural finds and artifacts that keeps alive the memory of a past as natural as it is artisanal. In its eight rooms are preserved specimens of the flora (interesting the mycological collection) and of the fauna of Etna (a rich collection of embalmed specimens, some endangered, and a collection of butterflies including Anthocaris damone, a typical butterfly of the Etna areas), as well as mineral finds representative of the particular typology of the volcano (prehistoric and more recent lava finds such as the "volcanic bombs" of the whole Etna area). On the other hand, various display cases reconstruct the daily life of the populations of Etna: artifacts in lava stone, bolts, funnels, farrier's tools, numerous tools for processing grapes. The library contains about 960 volumes referring to the activity of the Institute. 

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