Museum of oenology and peasant civilization
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Museum of oenology and peasant civilization

Via IV Aprile, 2, at the Palagonia palace.  

Permanent exhibition of Sicilian wines and various equipment related to the production and conservation of wine, inside the magnificently frescoed halls of the Palazzo dei Principi di Ramacca. The building that houses the Museum is the Palace of the Princes of Palagonia, built at the end of the 1400s. The Museum occupies the premises that housed the ancient historic cellars, full of particular charm. The high shelves exhibit all the historical production, dating back to the 70s / 80s, distributed by single province, indicated on the shelves. In the lower shelves the most significant current production is displayed, distributed by producer and by single province, indicated in the shelves. To avoid the monotony of the bottles display, a series of collections on the wine theme have been included. Throughout the journey, the visitor is guided by some captions and accompanied by documentation intended, for the need for synthesis and for reasons of space, for alternation. The cognitive means offered to the visitor are those of didactic guided tours for schools or with technical assistance for groups.
Prima Sala - Production of the Province of Palermo; exhibition of stamps and envelopes 1st day of issue, humorous postcards, advertising postcards, posters, labels, collection of miniature, corkscrews. On the table in the center a collection of sparkling wine and champagne capsules, on the tables on the left flasks, flasks, barrels and "carts".
Second Room - Production of the Provinces of Trapani and Agrigento; collection of Sicilian, international and thematic panels. On the tables containers for wine, oil and grains. Finally, a showcase to be admired with historical bottles dating back to the mid-1800s and small work tools of particular technical interest.
Third Room - is entirely dedicated to peasant civilization, to the tools of the master cooper and for winemaking, to the Sicilian crafts connected to viticulture and to those of daily use in peasant homes. Alongside each of them the terminology used by the numerous Sicilian artisans. In the window a collection of small glasses of rosolio.
Fourth Room - Production of the remaining Provinces. On the walls the reproductions of "breads - sweets - foods of Sicily"Taken from the volume by Giuseppe Coria"Flavors of Sicily". The exhibition is further enriched by “Glass and its forms in wine and its surroundings”, a collection of glass bottles in the most varied forms, some of them even very ancient. On the tables the graphic evolution in the world of wine with particular regard to publishing and advertising (documentation in rotation).
Fifth Room - in style "liberty“, Dedicated to Marsala, meditation wines and experimental wines of the Regional Institute of Vine and Wine.
Sixth Room - dedicated to wine tasting.
The specialized food and wine library (in the cataloging phase).
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