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Oil Museum

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The museum is housed in the lower part of the Montesano Palace, in seven rooms, with barrel vaults; in these environments, tools of olive oil extraction technology follow one another. A press from 1614, a stone wheel, jars, oil measuring instruments and one hundred and one hundred tools and various furnishings. Commonly used objects and ingenious devices, specific to images and rural environments.

The heart of the ancient peasant civilization is portrayed, in that mythical time of memory that unfolds before the visitor with its ingenuity and its miseries.

The "relics": an iron cafiso (typical oil container), a hydromechanical press from the early twentieth century. In the rooms it is possible to admire, among other things: tin jars with a wide and narrow mouth; quartare with two lateral handles with narrow neck and lid, cruet, iron hoe, iron plow with pointed plow and wooden plow with wide pointed iron plow; vintage corbelle, baskets, iron pruning shears, saws (sirraculi) and hand drill (virrina).

From one room to another the theme is always found in jars, vases, in classic cart lights, bummuli (a sort of jugs for containing liquids), funnels. In a specific environment, the exhibition theme develops around the more strictly work tools. On display are an iron yoke for towing, a wooden plow with plow, a shovel, a trident for fodder, a cart, also quartare (water containers), wooden sieves with wire mesh, axes.

In this museum, through the existing documentation but also through a mental, imaginary reconstruction, that world of objects and subjects seems to materialize, of which Serafino Amabile Guastella, the great nineteenth-century Chiaramonte scholar and writer, wrote with rigor and merit. (Source: Municipality of Chiaramonte Gulfi)

The Museum is located in via Montesano at the Montesano Palace which houses a total of 5 Museums:

Liberty House Museum

Ornithological Museum

Museum of Ethnic Musical Instruments

Oil Museum

Giovanni De Vita Art Gallery 

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