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Salt Museum

Il Salt Museum is a thematic museum located in Nubia, a hamlet in the municipality of Paceco, in the province of Trapani. It is located in an ancient windmill, within the Saline di Trapani and Paceco integral nature reserve. It is a private facility.

It is part of a regional tourist-cultural itinerary called la Salt road. Located inside a baglio called "casa salaria", a typical seventeenth-century building with a rectangular plan and gabled roof, used for milling sea salt crystals, with a large attached windmill, surrounded by the salt pan called "Chiusa" , owned by the Culcasi. This salt pan is included in the Intangible Heritage Register of Sicily

The museum exhibits ancient work tools of the salt workers, black and white photos, and original finds such as you tumbleprofessorships, the wooden blades of the mills (ntinni), The sigh (Archimedes' screw to suck up the water from the tub) the wooden slats (tagghi) for measuring salt, and a heavy millstone.

Adjacent is the "Salina Culcasi", with the Nubia Tower which was part of the ancient system of coastal towers of Sicily as a warning against the theft of salt by the Barbary corsairs from Maghrebi North Africa.

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