Museum of the Sea of ​​Fishing and Maritime Traditions "Franco Ruggeri"
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"Franco Ruggeri" Museum of the Sea of ​​Fishing and Maritime Traditions

The "Franco Ruggeri" Museum of the sea, fishing and maritime traditions is located in Furci Siculo, in the province of Messina. The coastal center lived on fishing until the recent past and today has a strong tourist vocation. The museum dedicated to Franco Ruggeri bears witness to and documents the seafaring identity of the place and its traditional links with the culture of the sea and the world of fishing. It was set up in 1999 thanks to the generous collaboration of sailors and lovers of the sea and maritime traditions who contributed to the collection and arrangement of the objects, which come from all over the Ionian coast. In 2005, the Museum was granted management to the Ionian Area headquarters of the Archeoclub d'Italia and was rearranged with a new exhibition itinerary. Thanks to public funding, the Museum was also home to the School of ancient trades aimed at training young students and inhabitants by experts in maritime traditions. The collections of the Museum consist of work tools and utensils connected to the various fishing activities and marine life on the Ionian coast. Among the most significant objects on display, some tools for building and maintaining boats, tools for selling fish and those for fishing, such as hooks and harpoons, pots and coffe, are of particular interest. the lamparas, the nets with cork floats and the tools to repair them. The exhibition itinerary is enriched by panels describing phases and characteristics of specific fishing techniques, as well as sayings and idioms of the Furci Siculo seafaring tradition. Historical photographs help to effectively contextualize objects in their original environments. With the same objective, some settings are reproduced in the Museum, such as in Putia two piss, furnished with a sales counter and a fish knife, or the tavern two piscaturi. The Museum's mission is not only to conserve ancient work tools and the relative contexts of use, but also to communicate to the new generations the knowledge of the sea and the traditional expressions that still identify Furci Siculo today.

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