Museum of the Sea
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Museum of the Sea

Cloister of Sant'Angelo 

The Licata Sea Museum was born on the initiative of the Finziade Archaeological Group which in 2013 started the recovery activity of the first archaeological finds with its underwater nucleus.

The Museum is located in the historic centre, in the premises of the sixteenth-century Sant'Angelo cloister; the museum structure is an exhibition space mainly dedicated to archaeological finds recovered in the sea of ​​Licata by the Superintendency of the Sea and the Finziade Archaeological Group or donated by fishermen and amateur scuba divers. Inside the museum there is a collection of anchors and amphorae from different historical periods, dating back to the Bronze Age and the Greek and Roman periods. A section of the Museum is dedicated to Greek and Corinthian wine amphorae, while another space collects Greek and Roman ceramic and lithic finds.

The Museum is continuously enriched, through donations and excavation campaigns thanks to which artifacts have been found that have been lying at the bottom of the sea of ​​Licata for centuries.

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