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Via Fratelli Argento, 15, Sciacca

Toy Museum of Sciacca

The first room offers toys and games ranging from 1880 to 1910; the second takes us to the decade 1920-1930; the third toy room from 1940 to 1950; the fourth takes us to the legendary 60s, from 1960 to 1970; the last one catapults us into the wonderful 80s. The museum also has a small cinema inside. You can perceive the passage of time with its changes, not only in the world of toys, but also in the uses and customs that characterized an era.

Between a riddle and a sleight of hand that Alessandro proposes, ancient ways of playing are discovered. A magical experience for all visitors, be they children or adults. A journey for those who still dream and continue to make the child in them live. A forge of emotions; for the adult the toy presents itself as a vehicle of memories that will take him back to a world that is now past; he will rediscover the games that have accompanied him since his first wailing, up to the first album of stickers, passing by the first bicycle with attached peeled knees. (Text source: Museionline)


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