Archaeological Museum of San Nicola
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Archaeological Museum of San Nicola

The Museum is located in Contrada Fontanelle in the northern part of the Valley of the Temples, occupies part of the premises of the Monastery annexed to the adjacent church of San Nicola.

The Regional Archaeological Museum of Agrigento collects archaeological material that is part of state, civic and diocesan collections.

The museum comprises two autonomous sections. The first section "The ancient city of Agrigento and its suburban territory" consists of 11 rooms: room 1 topography of the city (documents) room 2 the prehistoric and indigenous phase room 3 vascular collections room 4 architectural sculptures room 5 the sanctuaries of the areas sacre Agrigento room 6 documentation of the temple of Olympian Zeus and recomposition of the figure of Telamon room 7 the city from the archaic Greek age to the Roman imperial age room 8 epigraphs room 9 medals room 10 finds from civil public buildings of the Greek and Roman age room 11 the Greek necropolis of Agrigento. The second section consists of a single room "The sites of the territory of the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta, from prehistory to the Hellenization phase"

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The gates of Agrigento (Source Wikipedia)

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