Baglio Anselmi Archaeological Museum
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Baglio Anselmi Archaeological Museum

Location: Lungomare, near Capo Boeo. Dating: XNUMXth century The Baglio Anselmi, a former winery dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, where the Archaeological Museum is located. It is the largest museum in Marsala according to importance and number of finds. It was set up ad hoc to host an exhibit among the major attractions of Marsala, namely the Punic ship of Marsala, a ship found at Punta Alga, on the north coast. It was used during the Battle of the Egadi Islands, which ended the First Punic War, and is a unique example in the world, very important for the study of Phoenician naval technique. In addition to it there are numerous artifacts found in the Marsala area and documentation on some Roman houses scattered around the city, proof of the intense building activity that affected the town during the Roman imperial age.

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