MuMa Museum of the Sea Milazzo
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MuMa Museum of the Sea Milazzo

The MuMa – Milazzo Sea Museum, located in the Castle of Milazzo, is a spiritual journey to rediscover the harmony between man and sea through science and art.


The MuMa was born from the moving and tragic story of a sperm whale, renamed "Siso", which in the summer of 2017 found death off the coast of the Aeolian Islands due to an illegal fishing net. After the extraordinary recovery of the bones and the reconstruction of the skeleton carried out by the biologist Carmelo Isgrò, the idea of ​​creating a museum was born.

The MuMa is not the classic Sea Museum but a place where Science meets Art understood in its broadest facets. The visitor will live inside an experience of knowledge thanks to interactive educational videos, virtual reality experiences, augmented reality and multimedia art installations that will lead him to become aware of the anthropic impacts for a necessary change in the man-sea relationship.

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