Mill of the Ettore and Infersa saltpans
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Mill of the Ettore and Infersa saltpans

Among the most recognizable symbols of the city of Marsala, of Trapani and certainly of Sicily, thanks to a skilful conservative restoration both structural and mechanical, the Ettore and Infersa Saline Mill is still functional today. In the months of July, August and September, twice a week, it is put into operation so that it can be admired in the suggestion of the landscape of the salt marshes: a true historical and architectural beauty of an industrial level. The six blades are covered with white sails, thus able to "capture" the force of the wind. By turning, a centuries-old mechanism is activated which rotates the millstones inside the body of the mill at a frequency of over 100 rpm. The cogwheels that trigger the millstones were made entirely of wood by Paolo Stampa, Mastru Liddu, one of the last Trapani master shipwrights. Thanks to his knowledge and experience in working with wood, he managed to design the complex wooden mechanism of the Mill and above all put it into operation. Today the Ettore e Infersa Saline Mill represents a real masterpiece of industrial archeology from the 1500s.

The interior of the structure can now be visited and, with a modern multimedia support with touch screens and 3D animations made ad hoc for the salt pans, the user will be able to understand the functioning of the mill and the salt pan, the sea salt cultivation process and the Salina ecosystem, one of the few and perfect marriages between man and nature.

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