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Castelnuovo square, Palermo

Monument to Carlo Cottone

Piazza Castelnuovo 6. In what was formerly called the Piano di Sant'Oliva and which in honor of the great patriot Carlo Cottone, Prince of Castelnuovo and Villaermosa, today is called Piazza Castelnuovo, on 25 March 1873, a monument was solemnly inaugurated such a great patriot and statesman. This monument was placed in front of the pre-existing one of Ruggiero Settimo, in perpetual memory of those who together fought for the defense of the rights of the Sicilian people.
   Carlo Cottone was born in Palermo on 30 September 1756 in one of the noblest Sicilian families, and was among the first barons to give up their feudal rights. He was Minister of Finance in 1812 and founded the “Istituto Agrario Villa Castelnuovo” in his villa in San Lorenzo ai Colli, intended for young farmers who wanted to specialize in the matter. He donated everything to the poor and even his corpse was donated to the University of Palermo by will, to be used in anatomy demonstrations. He died on December 29, 1829, from an incurable disease, in Palermo.
    The monument was designed by the architect. GB Palazzotto and was sculpted by the sculptor Domenico Costantino.
It was, on the proposal of Francesco Paolo Perez and the mayor Antonio Starrabba, Marquis of Rudinì, that on October 24, 1868, it was decided by the Municipal Council to erect a monument to this great man on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Convocation of the Sicilian Parliament. Palermo.

. (Text source: Municipality of Palermo)

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