Monte Lauro (ITA090023)
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Monte Lauro (ITA090023)

Site type: SAC - Special Conservation Area 

Code: ITA090023 - Hectares: 1706


The site coincides with the cacuminal area of ​​the Ibleo plateau which is represented by Monte Lauro (986 m). The substrates are essentially basaltic dating back to the end
of the tertiary sector while the bioclimate is part of the lower humid supramediterranean. Natural vegetation is heavily degraded and is represented
mainly from mesophilic meadows-pastures of the Molinio-Arrhenatheretea. Frequent are small temporary pools on the plateau that host a rich e
specialized hygrophilous flora belonging to the Isoeto-Nanojuncetea. The wood formations are currently located on the cooler and wetter slopes with
rather rocky substrates and are represented by mesophilic woods with Quercus virgiliana, which are accompanied by particularly significant and rare species,
such as Mespilus germanica, Doronicum oriental, Laurus nobilis, etc. On the more rocky and sunny slopes there are garrigue and thermophilic prairies.
4.2Quality and importance
Site of great geobotanical and landscape interest. This is the highest peak in the Hyblean region and represents the watershed line of many
waterways. In the depressions of the ground various interesting aspects of the Isoeto - Nanojuncetea settle, moreover mesophilic meadows of the Molinio are found
- Arrhenateretea, garrigue, and mountain steppes characterized by rare or endemic species. The crenobiont and crenophilic invertebrate fauna is particularly interesting
importance, and for this reason all the sources located near the summit should be strictly protected, also to ensure the ecological balance of
numerous streams that feed. The invertebrate fauna linked to the mesophilic and subxerophilic open environments, which characterize the site, is also very
rich and articulated with numerous endemic, rare and stenotope species

Source: Ministry of the Environment Natura 2000 form

Ministerial data: Natura 2000 form

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

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Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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