Monte Gallo - Grotta Impisu (Hanged Man's Grotto)
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Monte Gallo - Grotta Impisu (Hanged Man's Grotto)

Paleontological deposit. Western end of the Pizzo Impisu ridge (352 m.) Accessed from Sferracavallo (Schillaci locality).

”The cave opens, in the upper Trias dolomites, at the western end of the Pizzo Impisu ridge (352 m). The entrance has a lenticular shape about 5 m wide and on average one high.
During the last world war the cave was for some time a dormitory and finding the natural entrance very difficult, a second more comfortable one was opened about 15 meters from the first, from which it is still accessible today.
The cavity is of karst excavation, it develops along a fracture; the sea also had its part, if not precisely in the development, it has affected the morphology and excavation of a notable series of lithophagous holes. 
The action of the foraminifera is present throughout the development of the cavity both in the bare rock and in the concreted surfaces.

The interest of this cave goes beyond the phenomena mentioned. In the terminal part there is a large excavation of which the authors are ignored. The trench, which has a depth of over two meters, was opened by drilling a pavement consisting of a stalagmite crust that covers sediments that I consider marine, despite the presence of Elephas mnaidriensis bones. This discovery was brought to the attention of prof. Ruggieri who followed us in an inspection taking samples of the sand and some bones. The search was not followed up. I only know that no fossils were found in the sand collected. Another interest is the prehistoric one, initially ascertained by the presence of clay impasto fragments belonging to jars placed in correspondence with dripping, clearly placed on purpose for the collection of water. " (Text source: Giovanni Mannino: The Caves of Monte Gallo: in the Archaeological Newsletter Superintendence of Palermo 15/2016)


In-depth documents:

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Giovanni Mannino: The Caves of Monte Gallo: in the Archaeological News Superintendence of Palermo 15/2016

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