Monte Gallo - Impisu Cave 2 (Shepherd's Cave)
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Monte Gallo - Grotta Impisu 2 (Grotta del Pecoraio)

Paleotological deposit. Western end of the Pizzo Impisu ridge (352 m.) Accessed from Sferracavallo (Schillaci locality).

“The first mention of the site I find it in the report (1968) by Edoardo Borzatti, he writes:“ Cave formed by large collapsed and juxtaposed blocks. The soil forming the deposit is gray-brown in color; appears removed for about 60 cm to expand the room used as a stable. Abundant flints are found outside. Present the marine snails: Monodonta turbinata, Patella cerulea. We practiced a small essay, on the right entering, just below the wall, 25 cm deep which returned: cervus elaphus bones, a human tooth, Patella cerulea, Patella ferruginea. Among the objects of human workmanship: shards of turned ceramic, a splinter of quartzite and a flint razor blade. In the end the essay was closed with stones and earth ”. 

The cavity is speleologically insignificant by its very nature, it should be remembered for its archaeological and paleontological interest. It is a large void that is encountered by following the cliff upwards, about fifty meters after the Impisu cave, formed by the fall of great boulders that lean against the wall.

The floor appears bumpy due to the presence of boulders and excavations, tumultuous in search of finds, which have highlighted an anthropic deposit. There are two layers: “The upper one is of dark, fine earth with few
stones, a few shells of terrestrial and marine molluscs, including ferruginous limpet and a few animal bones - of equidae, sheep, ovids and smaller sizes - a few flint splinters and some flint tools, scrapers, scrapers 
and blades, typical of the upper Paleolithic. The lower layer is of red earth, particularly fine, greasy, orange in color, the upper part absolutely sterile ". A survey by the Superintendency has returned remains of Elephas mnaidriensis." (Text source: Giovanni Mannino: The Caves of Monte Gallo: in the Archaeological Newsletter Superintendence of Palermo 15/2016)

In-depth documents:

Gianfranco Purpura: Depictions of ships in some caves around Palermo. Extract from the magazine “Sicilai Archeologica” Year XII n. 40 2nd half 1979

download the document: Depictions of ships in some caves around Palermo

Giovanni Mannino: The Caves of Monte Gallo: in the Archaeological News Superintendence of Palermo 15/2016

download the document: G_Mannino_The_Grotte_of_Monte_Gallo_Notiz

Bibliography and further in-depth documents:

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Download file:  SINEO et al

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Ignazio Caloggero:

History of Sicily - 1.2. Paleolithic and Mesolithic:

History of Sicily - 1.2.1: Religious sentiments and burials in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

History of Sicily - 1.2.2: Art in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

History of Sicily - 1.2.3: Archaeological sites of the Sicilian Paleolithic and Mesolithic

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