Monte Gallo - Cave of the Calves
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Monte Gallo - Grotta delle Vitelle

Cave of prehistoric interest with the presence of rock art. 

"The cave opens at the foot of the Coda di Volpe edge, with a triangular entrance of 6 m at the base by 10 m of
height, partly barred by a sturdy wall which served as a splinter guard in the temporary occupation
housing during the last world war. On the right wall a band of perforation of lithophagous organisms
marine sign the presence of the sea. In the walking surface the rock emerges and Vaufrey “où il
ne reste plus aujourd'hui aucune trace de remplissage "; this must have emerged even when it was inhabited towards
the end of the Paleolithic due to the presence, on the right side and one third from the bottom, of a group of 23 linear engravings.
Between the lines there are two converging lines that form an acute angle, interpreted as a figure
vulvar and a wavy one (20 cm), modulated like the back of a large mammal: deer or horse.
On the right wall, at the back, black strokes can be observed, suggesting inscriptions or drawings
evanides for rubbing the backs of animals. It is legible, also drawn in black, a ladder (26 cm) with one
ten pegs. The physical characteristics of the black dye look identical to that of the inscriptions
of the Grotta Regina.
According to the report by Anca and Gemmellaro (1867) from the Vitelle cave would come the remains of an elephant.
For what was said before, regarding the floor, the news is unlikely. The provenance of these remains
it is not possible to attribute it even to the nearby Perciata cave because the same Anca who excavated it (1959) met
exclusively anthropogenic sediments and did not investigate further. " (Text: Giovanni Mannino: The Caves of Monte Gallo: in the Archaeological Newsletter Superintendence of Palermo 15/2016)

In-depth documents:

Gianfranco Purpura: Depictions of ships in some caves around Palermo. Extract from the magazine “Sicilai Archeologica” Year XII n. 40 2nd half 1979

download the document: Depictions of ships in some caves around Palermo

Giovanni Mannino: The Caves of Monte Gallo: in the Archaeological News Superintendence of Palermo 15/2016

download the document: G_Mannino_The_Grotte_of_Monte_Gallo_Notiz

Bibliography and further in-depth documents:

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Download file:  SINEO et al

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Ignazio Caloggero:

History of Sicily - 1.2. Paleolithic and Mesolithic:

History of Sicily - 1.2.1: Religious sentiments and burials in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

History of Sicily - 1.2.2: Art in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

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