Monte Gallo - Water Cave
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Monte Gallo - Water Cave

The cavity is located at the foot of the Coda di Volpe cliff, a few meters to the right of the Grotta del Camino; it has an elongated entrance that looks at
SW, the base is 2 m and the height is 5 m. The interior is wider, on average 5 m wide and 7 m high. It was a home during the last conflict. In the terminal part of the first room begins a narrow crack about 8 m long and about one meter high, with a slightly downward trend. The crack at the end leads into a small space about 6 m long and 2 m wide on average. The height varies with the variation of the floor, especially in the initial part; it is possible to stand upright in several places. On the ground the rock emerges in several points.

From the last room described, a second crack about 5 m long, just over a meter high and about 0,60 m wide, branches off towards the N; this fissure ends with two long parallel appendages with direction approximately
SO. The first has a length of about 5 m with a height of 1,50 m and a maximum width of 0,50 m, The second is very difficult to access due to the presence of an elbow with columns and stalagmites
which is overcome by crawling on the ground; it is 7 m long, 0,60-0,70 m wide on average, numerous and very white stalactites hang from the vaulted ceiling with a height of 1,20 m.
Here the cave ends, where there is a small basin with dripping water. In the talus are collected fragments of worked flint, obsidian, and some impasto fragments (Eneolithic?) And vn (Text source: Giovanni Mannino: The Caves of Monte Gallo: in the Archaeological Newsletter Superintendence of Palermo 15/2016)

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Gianfranco Purpura: Depictions of ships in some caves around Palermo. Extract from the magazine “Sicilai Archeologica” Year XII n. 40 2nd half 1979

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Giovanni Mannino: The Caves of Monte Gallo: in the Archaeological News Superintendence of Palermo 15/2016

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