Monte Cofano and Litorale (ITA010016)
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Monte Cofano and Litorale

Site type: SAC - Special Conservation Area 

Code: ITA010016 - Hectares: 561


The SIC area extends for a total area of ​​561 hectares, falling within the municipal territory of Custonaci (di TP), including one of the biotopes of significant interest on the coastal side of Trapani, which is already included within the Oriented Nature Reserve of Mount Cofano. It is in fact dominated by the promontory of M. Cofano (659 m), which overlooks a predominantly carbonate ridge tending towards M. Palatimone (595 m), at the base of which imposing breccias develop. The orographic structure of the relief is characterized by a morphology that is sometimes quite harsh and uneven, with steep cliffs that sometimes rise to a peak even for over 200-300 meters, often edged with remarkable sharp spiers. The records relating to the nearby coastal stations of Trapani and Capo S. Vito show how the maritime influence has significant repercussions on the local climatology, with average annual rainfall ranging between 502,4 mm (Capo S. Vito) and 602,7 (S. Vito). Andrea di Bonagia). On the basis of the bioclimatic classification defined according to the RIVAS-MARTÍNEZ indices (1994, 1996) the territory is comprised between the lower dry upper thermomediterranean and the lower subhumid upper mesomediterranean. The plant landscape is greatly affected by the intense uses of the past, and in particular by the fires that occur almost annually. The potential forest vegetation of the same area (GIANGUZZI & LA MANTIA, 2000) is mainly to be referred to the following series: - of the dwarf palm (Pistacio-Chamaeropo humilis sigmetum), along the sub-coastal slopes; - of the Leccio and the Alaterno (Rhamno- Querco ilicis sigmetum pistacietoso terebinthi), on the detrital slopes; - of the Olivastro (Oleo-Euphorbio dendroidis sigmetum), on the ledges and the driest rocky ridges (south side); - of the Holm oak and the Lentisk (Pistacio-Querco ilicis sigmetum), along the ledges and cooler rocky ridges; -of the Downy Oak (Oleo-Querco virgilianae sigmetum), on the deeper and more evolved soils of the interior

It is included in the Monte Cofano Reserve

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Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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