Great Mountain of Salemi (ITA010023)
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Great Mountain of Salemi

Site type: SAC - Special Conservation Area

Code: ITA010023 - Hectares: 1321


The SIC area includes the entire ridge of the Montagna Grande di Salemi (751 m asl), located between Lake Rubino and the town of Vita (TP); it covers a total area of ​​approximately 1282 hectares, involving the territories of the municipalities of Trapani, Salemi and Calatafimi. It is part of the carbonate ridge of the Trapani Units, which develops along the north-western side of Sicily, with sometimes isolated reliefs and at different altitudes, often denuded by erosive phenomena, accentuated by sometimes very high slopes; lithosols and, in some cases, brown calcareous soils prevail more frequently. From the bioclimatic point of view, the territory in question falls mainly into the thermo-Mediterranean and mesomediterranean belts, with umbrotype varying from dry to sub-humid lower and upper. The plant landscape is considerably artificial, due to the intense uses of the past (cutting, cultivation, grazing) which were followed - starting from the 50s - by a whole series of reforestation interventions, through the use of various wood species, Mediterranean and exotic, completely unrelated to the potential forest landscape of the same area. The meadows with Ampelodesmos mauritanicus are also quite well represented, also due to the frequent fires that have partly thinned out the artificial plants. The vegetal landscape of the territory is mainly referred to the following series of vegetation: - of the scrub in Olivastro (Oleo-Euphorbio dendroidis sigmetum), on the driest lithosols; - of the holm oak wood (Pistacio-Querco virgilianae sigmetum), on the relatively cooler lithosols ; - of the della Roverella wood (Oleo-Querco virgilianae sigmetum), limited to the deepest and most evolved soils.

The SCI area, although altered in its most typical naturalistic and landscape aspects, denotes a significant floristic-phytocenotic and faunal interest. For example, the aspects of vegetation located on the highest rocky ridges are quite peculiar, in which various endemic plant species and / or of significant phytogeographic interest are represented. In section 3.3, indicated with the letter D, are listed entities that are quite rare in Sicily, whose presence in the territory in question is considered of some phytogeographic interest.

Source: Ministry of the Environment Natura 2000 form

Ministerial data: Ministerial Map  Natura 2000 form

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Photo: web

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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