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Places of the Myth of Aeneas

Well included in the LIM register of the Sicily Region (Places of the Sacred) - Sector "Places of myth and legends" in the following sub-category: Places of heroes and heroic legends 

Places indicated in the IWB register 

  • Archipelago of the Cyclops (Aci Trezza)
  • Stele of Anchises (Coast of Pizzolungo Erice)
  • Gulf of Trapani
  • Scilla and Cariddi (Strait of Messina)

Virgil writes about Aeneas' trip to Sicily in his epic poem "Aeneid"

“It lies de la Sicania in the gulf in front of an islet that is placed in Plemmirio ondoso, and by the ancients it is called Ortigia by name. On this island it is known that the Greek Alfeo comes from Dòride intact by way under the sea, infinity of Arcadia through the mouth of Aretusa to mix with the waves of Sicily. And here in the place we venerated the great gods; then we crossed the swampy Eloro the opimi fields. We shaved the Alpine stones of Pachino, discovered Camarina, and we heard fate, that her dry pond was bad for her.
We passed the plain of Geloi, of which Gela is the land, and Gela the river. Far from afar we saw the great mount Agragante, and its towers and beaches which were already famous mothers of races.
With the same wind back we left the palm-like Seline; and 'n on the tip reached Lilibeo, soon we turned its blind dry, and' the port at the end of the badly seen Drepano we seized. "
Aeneid, Book III - Virgil (70-19 BC)


Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Photo: web

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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