Myth of the three Nymphs (Porto Palo di Capo Passero)
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Myth of the three Nymphs

Botticelli's Spring: The Three Graces

The Myth of the Three Nymphs is linked to the birth of Sicily. Three splendid nymphs roamed the world in dance steps, gathering handfuls of earth, stones and fruit from the most fertile soils. Arriving in a region that had a particularly bright and clear sky, the three nymphs began an even more gay dance and while dancing they threw everything they had collected in their wanderings into the sea. Everything that was thrown away formed three promontories. The sea between the three promontories lit up like a rainbow and solidified, filling the space that separated the promontories. The three vertices of the triangle, where the three beautiful nymphs had started their dance, became the three extreme promontories of the new island and were called Capo Peloro (Messina), Capo Passero (Pachino) and Capo Lilibeo (Marsala). 

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