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38 Boeo promenade

Myth of the Lilybetana Sibyl

The myth is linked to the cult of Apollo and the prophetess of Apollo who was based in the so-called Sibyl's cave. Above the cave, in the same place where a temple dedicated to Apollo probably existed, the church of S. Giovanni Battista was erected in the sixteenth century, whose statue, located inside the cave, would rest on an ancient altar of Apollo.


Church of San Giovanni Battista - Antro della Sibilla - Marsala

Detailed information and bibliographic information on our page taken from the study of Ignazio Caloggero (Cults and Myths of Ancient Sicily): 


Places indicated in the IWB register of the Sicily Region (Places of Identity and Memory) - Sector "Places of gods and minor divinities:

  • Grotta della Sibilla (Church of San Giovanni (Marsala, province of Trapani)

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