Macaroni with aubergines

Macaroni with aubergines

Macaroni with aubergines


Ingredients for 4 people)

  • 400 gr. of macaroni

  • 400 gr. of peeled tomatoes

  • 300 gr. of eggplant

  • grated caciocavallo

  • a few basil leaves

  • a clove of garlic

  • olive oil, salt and chilli


Peel the aubergines, cut them into cubes, add salt and put them in a container to rest for half an hour. Chop the tomatoes coarsely. In a pan, brown a crushed clove of garlic; when it is golden remove it and put the previously dried aubergines. Fry over low heat, add the tomatoes, chopped basil, salt and pepper. Let the sauce cook for about 15 minutes and season the macaroni that you have boiled in plenty of salted water, then serve them with plenty of grated caciocavallo.

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