Places of myth and legends: Legend of devils and treasure
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Places of myth and legends: Legend of devils and treasure

Inserted in the IWB register of the Sicily Region (Places of myth and legends) - Sub-category "Legend of devils and treasure"


“Il Zisa Castle of Palermo, according to the popular tradition of the city, is linked to an ancient legend that sees a pictorial decoration placed inside the Palace as the protagonist.

In the arch of the entrance to the Hall of the Fountainon one vault are depicted mythological creatures representing Olympic divinities including Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Mercury, Venus and Mars. According to the Palermo tradition, these are not simple divinities, but devils who keep gold coins hidden inside the Zisa Palace. The treasure was left by Azel Comel and El-Aziz, who arrived in Palermo after fleeing to protect their love hindered by her father. Also according to the legend, the two young lovers had the Castello della Zisa built as soon as they arrived in the city, but after learning that their escape was the cause of the suicide of El-Aziz's mother, they died a short distance from each other. , but not before having entrusted the devils with the protection of their treasure through a spell. The myth tells that whoever tries to count the exact number of devils cannot because of their continuous mixing which prevents them from being counted. "

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