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146 Perimeter Road

Places of the Myth of Ulysses: Grotta di Sataria

The site is part of the Places of the Myth of Ulysses included in the Register of the Region of Sicily LIM (Places of heroes and heroic legends)

Places indicated in the IWB register 

  • Mouth of the Aci River, Port of S. Maria La Scala
  • Faraglioni, Archipelago of the Cyclops
  • Aeolian Islands, Aeolian Archipelago
  • Scilla and Cariddi, Strait of Messina
  • Cave of Polyphemus (Milazzo)
  • Port of Ulysses (Ispica)
  • Grotto of Sataria (Pantelleria)
  • Rock of the Ligny Tower

Grotto of Sataria

It seems that this was the cave where Ulysses met the Goddess Calypso. Another cave (Grotta Calypso) located in Malta is considered according to some versions, the true place of the goddess Calypso. In this regard, see the sheet: The Legend of Kalypso and Ulysses 

Polyphemus card  taken from the book by Ignazio Caloggero "Cults Myths and Legends of Ancient Sicilito"

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Photo: web

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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